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To book any holiday listed in this brochure, please phone or visit the booking office.
We will require the following information from you:

• Where and when you would like to travel
• The type of room you require (Single, Double, Twin)
• Name and address of the lead passenger and all accompanying passengers
• Any special requirements(Please note that these cannot be guaranteed)
• Wheelchairs, walkers, scooter (All must be the fold down type)
• Completed Booking Form (Enclosed)
Due to restricted luggage space, we have to limit the amount of disability aids that we can
carry. If you wish to bring one of these, you must inform us at the time of booking and you
are responsible for overseeing the loading of all these items including foot rest and cushions.

If you wish to take our complimentary (Free) insurance, you must state so at the time of
booking, otherwise you will be excluded from our complimentary insurance which may
leave you uninsured. If you have your own insurance policy, we must be informed. Please
complete the insurance disclaimer which can be found on the reverse of the Booking Form.

Single Rooms
We are usually allocated a small amount of single rooms.
Please note that single supplements are set by the hotel and not us.

Your Booking
Please read our Trading Charter attached to our booking form. By signing our Booking Form, you agree to our terms and conditions. The Booking Form must be returned to us. On completion of the above, the holiday is held for 7 days and will be released on sale unless we receive a non-refundable deposit of £40 per person. Payment
can be made by cash, cheque, or card. Please make cheques payable to R&S Waterson Ltd and post to our Badsworth Office (Royd Moor Farm, Royd Moor Lane, Badsworth, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF9 1AZ). There is no charge for payments made by debit or credit cards. Within 7 days of receiving your payment you will be issued with a confirmation invoice. When you receive this, please check that all of your details are correct – if not please inform our travel office
immediately failure to do so may affect the enjoyment of your holiday. Final balances must be paid 6 weeks prior to departure. This information can be found on your confirmation invoice. Please ensure that you make arrangements to make the payments as we do not send out reminders. Failure to do this may result in us cancelling your
holiday and under your contract with us you still are liable for the full cost.

Coach Seating
Please note: There is a seating plan of the coach allocated for each holiday. It is possible on
occasions for operational reasons that a coach or different configuration be used. We therefore
reserve the right to change or alter the seating plan and allocate seats other than those you have
been issued with at the time of booking. Requests for particular seats can be made on most
holidays when booking but these are made on first come, first served basis, If there is a specific seat
you would prefer then you are recommended to book early. From time to time we may have to
change coach from the coach we had planned for maintenance or break down. This may mean
the coach we use has no toilet on board.

Single passengers may find other passengers allocated next to them.
No single passengers will be allocated a double seat to themselves.
Seat belts must be worn at all times and it is your responsibility to ensure you do so.
Door-to-door pick-up service and procedure On all our holidays of 4 days or more we provide our door-to-door
pick up this service is free to most town’s and villages. Unfortunately because of the expense and distance of some towns and villages we have to charge a small supplement Please ask at
time of booking. We have a small amount of free parking at our base (parking must be booked at time of booking and at own risk). Our Door-to-door service is costly to operate and difficult and
time consuming to operate therefore we must make conditions to ensure these help make a
smooth running operation.

We reserve the rights to refuse to carry any case which exceeds these limits. We don’t want
to cause embarrassment to you so PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED THIS IT IS FOR YOUR OWN COMFORT

As the majority of our pick-ups are made by taxis, we stress that luggage must be restricted to
one medium suitcase per person, plus one piece of hand luggage which travels with you on board.
In most cases there will be four passengers in each taxi, so please be considerate towards your
fellow passengers. These restrictions must be adhered to for your health and safety as an
overloaded vehicle is a danger to everyone.

All door-to-door pick-up arrangements are made by R&S Waterson’s Ltd only. If you try to interfere
with the arrangements made by us, such as redirecting the taxi, you may find yourself charged for this.
Pick-up arrangements are at our discretion. Where a taxi is employed by us, there may be up
to four passengers in the vehicle with four accompanying suitcases. In some cases, you may not be
picked up or return with others booked in your party or in the same vehicle that you arrived in. All
taxi’s are fully licensed by the Local Authorities to carry a minimum of four passengers and four cases.


Face Coverings are Required on Entering the Booking